Description of the Surgical Centre ($1.4 M): This project consisted in a day surgery centre and included two complete operating rooms as well as an endoscopy room, a 10-bed recovery room and adjacent areas. Also attached to this site is a three-station dental operating centre.

Ventilation systems with high-efficiency pressure and filtration controls were developed in response to the facility’s needs. A network of medical gases was also included, along with the required electrical and lighting distribution network.

Description of the Medical Centre ($800,000): This new medical clinic is part of the Rockland Medical Centre and has more than 15 physicians’ consulting rooms. Its ventilation systems were designed to ensure that the ventilation of each sector was independently controlled. Special attention was given to the noise generated by the units as well as occupants’ comfort. Electrical systems were planned in response to the needs of each area and lighting adapted to each room.

  • Location

    100, chemin Rockland, Montreal

  • Area

    20,000 sq.ft.

  • Year


  • Total cost

    $2.2 M (total)