This mandate consisted in building a 95,000-square foot facility including a 15,000-square foot office area on two floors as well as an 80,000-square foot plant. Given that several pieces of production equipment were unique, it was necessary to produce precise readings in the current plant in order to establish the requirements of approximately one hundred specialized units. The facility’s design required considerable mechanical and electrical coordination, as well as coordination with structural and architectural professionals, since this plant had to house several travelling cranes that could not intersect. Since the new plant’s 50-foot ceiling made lighting and ventilation performance an important concern, simulations were carried out to ensure that, in spite of the building’s height and shape, the required performances would be achieved.

  • Location

    8600, Saint-Patrick St., LaSalle

  • Area

    95,000 sq.ft.

  • Year


  • Total cost

    $11.6 M